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How can BTCBuffet change your life?
Buffet Score!
  • Buffet Score like a box to accumulate points that design for generate bitcoin for you.
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  • Buffet Score can chain points from your team unlimited level deep to you.
    When one of your team Complete Score (100 points) they always pass up 30 points to above it may chain to you.
  • Multiple of source that you can earn points.
    Earn points from your team activity & other source we will announce soon.

How to receive Buffet Score points

  • When you upgrade your account to VIP Member
    10 Points
  • When you extend or renew your VIP Membership
    30 Points
  • When you accumulate up to 100 points (Complete Buffet Score)
    10 Points
  • When referral upgrades account to a VIP Member
    30 Points
  • When referral extends or renews their VIP Membership
    10 Points
  • When your referral completes their 100 points you will receive another
    30 Points
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